Victor Reacts: New Survey Shows Young People Support Trump (VIDEO)

by | Feb 27, 2024

Generation Z is going to send a powerful message in 2024 when they show up and vote for Donald Trump.

As reported by the Gateway Pundit,

Former President Donald Trump is more popular with young voters than any other age group.
Generation Z represents those currently between the ages of 18-24.

A recent Harvard CAPS–Harris survey found 57 percent of voters approved of the job Trump did as president, and 41 percent disapproved.

When breaking that approval rating down by age group, a massive 64 percent majority of Gen Z voters approved of the job Trump did as president.

Joe Biden told young people that he was going to “build back better” when in reality all he did was actively destroy our future. He taxed us to death and used that money to fund foreign wars, he opened our border up for invasion, and he destroyed our economy.

His radical support for limitless abortion, child sex change operations, and the destruction of western values was expected to win over the youth. Fortunately, it seems that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.

Joe Biden’s policies have been nothing short of devastating to our future and young people have woken up to that reality.




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Victor Nieves

Victor Nieves

Victor is a political scientist having earned his degree from the University of Central Missouri. He has spent countless hours studying the documents of our founding and what made America great. Victor has years of political experience involving campaign work, speaking, and leadership roles within grassroots political groups. At 23 years old Victor is an old soul who wants to return America to its constitutional outline and Christian moral worldview.

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