Victor Reacts: DISGUSTING! Transgenders Stand Naked In Front of Children on TV! (VIDEO)

by | Sep 27, 2023

We are going to need a lot more prisons in the world.

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, “Simply Naked,” a TV show made for kids that airs in the Netherlands and features naked men and women who disrobe in front of 10-12-year-old children, has been dubbed a show for pedophiles by critics from around the world.

The TV show exposes completely nude adults to young children, whose job is to ask questions about the bodies of the fully naked men and women.

Daily Mail reported on the “Simply Naked” show for kids and those involved in the show who defended it in March 2021- TV presenter Edson da Graça told NOS: “The aim is to teach children that each and every body is different and that not all bodies are perfect.”

Elsbeth Reitzema from the Rutgers sexual health foundation, which collaborated with NOS to produce the series, said that the steady stream of semi-pornographic images that children see every day on television and online gave them a distorted view of the human body.

“Those who see ordinary naked bodies more often have a more positive body image,” she said.

The public broadcaster said in a statement: “The children knew exactly what was going to happen, and they could say how they felt during the program at any time. … We had expected a bit of a ruckus. Not everyone will think this is for children, and that’s OK. It’s up to the parents to decide if their children can watch.”


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Victor Nieves

Victor Nieves

Victor is a political scientist having earned his degree from the University of Central Missouri. He has spent countless hours studying the documents of our founding and what made America great. Victor has years of political experience involving campaign work, speaking, and leadership roles within grassroots political groups. At 23 years old Victor is an old soul who wants to return America to its constitutional outline and Christian moral worldview.

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