Trump’s TOP 5 Tucker Interview Moments | ON WATCH w/ Drew Hernandez

by | Aug 24, 2023

Notorious Host, investigative reporter and commentator Drew Hernandez OFFICALLY joins the Gateway Pundit news machine as a video contributor with his new weekly series on RUMBLE called ON WATCH w/ Drew Hernandez. Drew will be breaking down exclusive Gateway Pundit reports on a weekly basis on the Gateway Pundit RUMBLE channel!

WATCH the very first installment of ON WATCH w/ Drew Hernandez NOW!

Tucker Carlson and Donald J. Trump decided to tell the mainstream media to take a hike and conduct their OWN interview on X during the first Republican Primary debate on Fox News.

The interview has surpassed 200 million impressions on Tucker Carlson’s official X account and continues to rise.

This is yet another clear indication, that establishment politics and media are dying and quickly fossilizing.

Trump exposed Mike Pence, roasted Chris Wallace, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and revealed what his top priority is should he win in 2024!

Watch Drew break down Trump’s TOP 5 moments on this legendary and historic interview!

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Drew Hernandez

Drew Hernandez

Host, Investigative Reporter, Commentator. Drew Hernandez is known for his extensive and viral undercover work exposing Antifa and Black Lives Matter violent riots in 2020 that reached multiple countries worldwide and his worldwide news story covering the Kenosha Riot. He is known world wide for testifying in the 2021 trial of Kyle Rittenhouse that many argue, played a major role in vindicating Kyle Rittenhouse. He has made multiple appearances on Tucker Carlson Tonight, TIMCAST IRL w/ Joe Rogan, INFOWARS, and MORE. Drew’s work has been viewed 10’s of millions of times on Twitter and across all social media platforms. He hosts multiple shows as well.

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