Trump is Going to Jail?! NEW INFO | Elijah Schaffer’s Top 5 (VIDEO)

by | May 30, 2024

Welcome to The Gateway Pundit’s Week-in-Review with Elijah Schaffer, where he covers the top 5 stories throughout the week in around 10 minutes.

ARTICLE 1:  BREAKING: Stalinist Judge Merchan Directs Jury to Choose Among These Three Crimes to Convict Trump – Jurors Don’t Have to Unanimously Agree!

ARTICLE 2:  WATCH: Trump Attorney Alina Habba Delivers Smackdown to “Naive” Shannon Bream When She Tries Claiming the Biden Regime is Not Responsible for the Sham Trump Trial

ARTICLE 3: MUST SEE: “You Are A F*cking Idiot” – Trump-Deranged Joy Reid Curses at Ben Bergquam Outside Manhattan Court House (HILARIOUS VIDEO)

ARTICLE 4: WATCH: Joe Biden’s Brain Breaks During Philly ‘Rally’ Held in the Corner of School Gym

ARTICLE 5:  Shocking Map Reveals Vast US Farmland Owned by Chinese Government

Please leave your opinions / comments on these stories below as Elijah reads every single one and appreciates your perspective

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Elijah Shaffer

Elijah Shaffer

In a world that fights for the wrong things, we choose to defend what’s RIGHT. Elijah works tirelessly to provide top quality political & cultural coverage to shed light on the that happens everyday in the USA.

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