SHARIKA SOAL: Karine Jean-Pierre Gaslights America On Trans Remembrance Day To Protect Black Criminals

by | Nov 23, 2023

On Monday, the White House’s press secretary, Karine Jean Pierre, gaslighted the masses once again when she tweeted that it was Transgender Remembrance Day and 330 million Americans need to acknowledge and feel guilty that 26 transgender women were murdered this year. She failed to mention who the murders were disproportionately committed by, which isn’t shocking from an administration looking the other way at hate crimes committed against white children by nonwhite males.

Karine went on to say in a separate tweet that ” No one should face violence, live in fear or be discriminated against simply for being themselves.” Her comment section was met with mixed reviews. One user wrote, “No one is targeting Trans people to the degree you describe. All of your “statistics” are based on a lie,”  while another chimed in, “Please just go away.”

I think the average person doesn’t enjoy discussing unpleasant things right before the holiday season. Still, the white house is qualified for this conversation, being they are in possession of actual homicide data on transgender deaths. So why is the White House blaming everyone else except the people who need to hear the message? It is not the KKK or working middle-class America strolling around the hood and murdering black transgenders. The Advocate Magazine, a prominent LGBT publication, has a crime section on its website, and one 2-minute scroll through the archive shows the perps are 99 percent black and brown males. I think it’s safe to say that most of these nonwhite males were dating the victim at the time of the crime.

Trans Perps

If the term “gaslighting” were ever appropriate, this is one of those times.  What does the White House expect law-abiding America to do about hood brawls between two men that result in one of them being killed? Especially when one of those men has used deception to lure the other man into a sexual relationship.  Boys will be boys, after all.

Do the children who were murdered by the transgender shooter at the Nashville catholic school get a day of remembrance, or is that too much to ask from our White House officials? When did being trans or nonwhite make you exempt from being held accountable for committing a crime? Why does it deserve a holiday? It seems that is what’s being pushed on the masses. All you have to do is say you are trans or black, and all of a sudden, there is no way you could have committed a crime or be a disservice to society. It is very unwise to think criminals haven’t realized this major flaw in the Biden administration’s ability to discern good from bad humans.

All crimes are hate crimes in the sense it takes an unusual amount of emotional energy to commit a crime that ends a life. How many government-appointed holidays do we need to protect the black community from facing reality? If the trans community were honest with themselves, they would put away the black lives matter flags indefinitely. It is not white supremacy or even conservative views hurting the trans community. It’s violence stemming from the community in which they (trans women)  choose to engage the most. The black community.

Someone should let Karine Jean-Pierre know.

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