Sharika Soal: It’s Time For America To Move On From “Black Face” Outrage

by | May 10, 2024


We have reached zero days without nonsense in America.

Despite liberal outrage that resulted in false accusations of wearing blackface, two California teenagers have been compensated more than $1 million after proving that the face masks they used were green acne masks.

Let me start by saying at this point in society, blackface is the least of America’s problems or any issue facing black America.

There is a boycott of celebrities among the liberal crowd happening right now, which is a good thing that this generation is finally starting to understand that the elites do not care about them. They only care about making money and being worshipped.

So, I find it odd that we are still distracted by issues that boil down to vanity.

The reality is that if liberals keep being overly emotional and reactive to things like box braids, the n-word, and blackface, this country will continue to be taken over by people like Joe Biden. Who I assume is thrilled millions instead put time and energy into getting white males expelled for saying mean things rather than realize America is in a very financially abusive relationship with the American government

Liberal women are online telling the whole world that they are skipping meals to afford baby formula instead of never voting for a Democrat again; they are sitting online supporting Democrat outrage.

All Americans should start to consider the sentiments echoed by conservatives for years that if you keep voting Democrat, one day you won’t be able to afford the wifi bill to come online and complain about the real oppression hard-working Americans are facing.

Let’s do better.


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