Sharika Soal: Carron Phillips Is A Sign That Black America Is Becoming A Symbol Of White Hate

by | Nov 30, 2023

Here we go again with another liberal journalist competing for nonwhites to be the most oppressed in all the land. Deadspin writer Carron Phillips bit off more than he could chew after publishing an article accusing a native american child he thought was white of doing blackface at the Kansas City Chiefs game on Monday.



Not only was Phillips loud and wrong, but watching the chaos unfold on social media reminded me again of what I think needs to be articulated, and I am hoping millions will start to notice. A black man tried to incite unwarranted violence against a “white” child as a form of performative reparations. Because Phillips is black, the trauma he caused to a minor child will most likely be dismissed as “collateral damage” for the fight to end racism.

Even more bizarre was that Phillips made highly defamatory claims about a child who turned out to be of Native American heritage. Which was revealed during an interview with Fox News. When asked if an apology would make things better, his father answered by saying.

‘You know, I don’t even know what to think about that. It’s a little bit too late for that.

‘The damage is already done. It’s worldwide… now there’s comments all over, there’s disrespect towards Native Americans and towards my family. We never in any way shape or form meant to disrespect any Native Americans or any tribes.’

While explaining the family is part of the Chumash tribe, hailing from California, and that they used to live on a reservation, the boy’s father added that ‘the tribe we’re from doesn’t even wear that type of headdress,’ referring to his son’s headpiece worn at Arrowhead Stadium when the Chiefs defeated arch rivals, the Las Vegas Raiders, on Sunday.

When an adult black male who sits in a place of power and authority yields that power to intimidate, alarm, and punish whiteness, including innocent children, we have a problem. Carron Phillips is not just “some guy with a blog” and pent-up aggression towards white existence; he is also a Pulitzer Prize nominee and a 2016 National Association of Black Journalists award winner. It is wild that a man who should have the discernment to know the difference between football culture aesthetics and blackface has been given the power to control legacy media headlines.

Carron Phillips Attacks Children

For years, headlines have set the tone and shaped the direction of the world. Media is an essential communication tool; Nothing will ever compare to the speed at which news travels with the power of the publish button. This is a power that should come with great respect and responsibility. People have taken their lives due to massive hate being incited against them. Scaring America, also known as future voters, into submission to black skin was, in my opinion, the goal here, and anyone who cannot see that maybe isn’t looking hard enough.

There is never a valid reason to try and destroy a child’s life who is at a football game with his family. Adult men know how important a father is to his son. What a shame that Phillips has forgotten his sovereignty as a man in his fight to become the most oppressed in America.



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