Sharika Soal: Black America Needs to Come to Terms With How We Ended Slavery and Drop the Oppression Act

by | Nov 8, 2023



Black American men and women have spent the last 25 years building homemade recording studios so they could one day “get out of the hood” and live among rich white men. The white man built the legal system, the discovery of science, and enough hospitals to keep their race alive and thriving. Black Americans, however, only own three hospitals in the country at this time. That certainly isn’t enough to sustain 47 million people should the FBA-type blacks ever succeed in bringing back segregation. Black Americans would die in mass seemingly overnight if we had to rely on what the black community provides.

To dive further into the topic of how well the black American would survive without “white supremacy” or the acceptance, support, and business partnerships with the majority of white America. This includes the medical field. The number of black medical professionals makes up only 5.7% of the industry. The liberal media outlet CNN reported on this in February, right in the headline.

“Only 5.7% of US doctors are Black, and experts warn the shortage harms public health”

The article went on to say

“Only about 5.7% of physicians in the United States identify as Black or African American, according to the the latest data from the Association of American Medical Colleges. This statistic does not reflect the communities they serve, as an estimated 12% of the US population is Black or African American.

And while the proportion of Black physicians in the US has risen over the past 120 years, some research shows, it’s still extremely low.”

So if one of the most prominent liberal media companies, with all their anti-whiteness from anchors like Don Lemon” and promoting looting as reparations, can point out that without whiteness, black people in America would suffer and die, then maybe it’s time for the majority of America to come to terms that being anti-white under the guise of “fighting racism” could potentially bring more harm to future black Americans than sound. These words may seem harsh, but don’t you think it’s harsh to constantly call millions of white people “evil” who have facilitated in keeping black Americans healthy and alive? We need hospitals. We also need the food truck industry, which white men dominate. White conservative men. I say that because during COVID lockdowns, Truckers took a big hit. Around 88,000 truckers lost their jobs in a single month during the 2020 chaos. Imagine being a white truck driver in America ever since Obama took office and pulling up to the White House to make sure Obama and his family can eat. At the same time, he tells everyone that white supremacy is killing black Americans.

It’s absurd. We can find more evidence of these facts by looking at black-on-black crime numbers in each state. Are black Americans keeping each other safe? Just recently,  three black men were arrested for taking part in a contract killing of a 17-year-old black girl who was set to testify against one of the offenders in a rape trial.


WHSV reported

Three Florida men are charged with carrying out a contract killing of a 17-year-old high school student to keep her from testifying in a sexual assault case against one of them.

Lenard White is accused of hiring Keshawn Woods and Sheldon Robinson to murder Isabella Scavelli after she and her mother went to authorities in February to report in February she had been assaulted.

The Hernando County sheriff alleged during a Thursday press conference that White found them through social media, offering $5,000 to anyone willing to help him with a “clean up job.”

A few months before the above incident, three other black men were arrested for shooting three black people, including a 9-month-old, in Fresno, California. ABC Action News reported that the men were detained after a Fourth of July celebration. The shooting injured two black women and a 9-month-old baby. The shooting took place just after 11 p.m., and when police arrived on the scene, they found “the baby, her 28-year-old mother, and her 50-year-old grandmother with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.”

Wow. I thought Cori Bush said it was white people putting black women and children at risk. Why is over half the country ignoring that black men and women are a threat to their communities? The numbers are overwhelming to process. The number of black people killed by white cops in the last five years doesn’t even come close to the number of homicides committed by black Americans in their communities.


Conclusion? at the end of the day, integrity must be restored in America. If not for white Americans and other races employing black Americans as well as providing food services and health services, we would not survive. The mugshots make it clear without white institutions like the legal or health system, my race could not make it or have survived the last 150 years.

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