Sharika Soal: A Hate Crime Killed Las Vegas Teen Jonathan Lewis And The Biden Administration Is Silent

by | Nov 16, 2023

In 2020, the world was shocked when a video of a white cop arresting a black man who was crying for his mother was published online. The video became a historical event, and protests popped up in every major city in America. It was an overwhelming time for all of us who lived through it. They labeled George Floyd as a victim of a hate crime, and millions demanded Officer Derek Chauvin be arrested.

What the headlines left out of the details during the national-induced anxiety attack was that Derek Chauvin had a reason to think George Floyd was dangerous. He didn’t pick a random black man or decide to make them a national headline. George Floyd robbed a home in 2017 with a toddler inside. He forced his way into the house and placed a firearm against a pregnant woman’s abdomen. She was then beaten by another black man when she tried to run away and yelled for help.

No one is saying that George Floyd deserved to die. What I think people should reconsider, however, is what qualifies and how we react to “hate crimes” in the news. The definition of hate crime is a crime that is motivated by prejudice on the basis of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or similar grounds, per the Oxford Dictionary.

Definition of hate crime

The definition is clear. Hate crimes do not discriminate. Nowhere in the official definition does it say “Black” or any particular race. So why have four hate crimes been committed against white people in recent days, including one that caused a child’s death by black males, gone without protests and disparaging words from the White House?  Jonathan Lewis was a 17-year-old white child who died while he was trying to protect a smaller friend from 15 black teenage males. Sadly, it isn’t uncommon for a teenager to find themselves being stomped on by a group of black male teenagers.

How did we get here? I don’t think time is on the black American’s side. Our ancestors waited years to overcome slavery, and we have turned around and committed the same type of atrocities. This is below the principle of every black civil rights leader who died so we could eat at the same restaurants as white people. Those people laid down so we could go to school. It is an extreme disservice to society to be a black person and forget that slavery and the Jim Crow era were justified because they thought the black American was unable to control violent animalist behaviors. It is now 2023, and everything our black ancestors died for has become an overwhelming reality.

White America is under siege, and good people can no longer pretend we live in MLK’s 1942. America needs to come to terms with the fact that when black American women are taking to social media platforms to divest from domestic violence and black culture, it is time to put down the black lives matter flags and reconsider how classifying and reacting emotionally only to White on Black crimes has created a tense and unsafe environment for the nonblack Americans. It has become apparent that this messaging is not uplifting young black men or women but programming them to justify hurting white skin as a form of reparations. If you’re concerned that speaking out might offend your black friend, I would like you to understand that a real friend is not going to hate you for standing up against hate crimes. White guilt is fueling the hate crimes and violence we are witnessing, and it’s time to try another approach.

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