Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola Calls Gateway Pundit with Explosive Developments from Proud Boys Trial – FBI Lied and Guess Who Ignited the Violence on J6? (AUDIO)

by | Mar 10, 2023

The government’s fabricated case against the Proud Boys was suspended until next week after the defense attorneys were accidentally given information from DOJ lawyers that shows the US government was deleting evidence, hiding documents and spying on the prisoners while they were speaking with their attorneys.

Of course, all of those actions are illegal.

On Friday morning J6 political prisoner Dominic Pezzola called The Gateway Pundit to give us an update on the case. The case was postponed until next week so that the government can plot how to handle the fact that they were caught spying and deleting evidence.

Dominic was arrested on January 15, 2021, and appeared in court that same day. He pleaded not guilty to 1-11 counts against him on February 9th and then again on May 29th. Dominic Pezzola remains detained in the DC Gulag, a political prisoner of the left. He has not been given his Constitutional right of a speedy trial. The DOJ does not believe in the US Constitution.

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Proud Boys member Dominic Pezzola has been held in solitary confinement for 90% of his time in prison after he broke a window at the US Capitol. Dominic has been held at in prison for 27 months now. He was not given his discovery for days after the trial started.

Pezzola faces possibly 20 years in prison for breking a window and several manufactured charges by Merrick Garland’s DOJ.

Dominic told The Gateway Pundit on Friday exactly what was found in the secret documents the government leaked to the Proud Boys attorneys.

Dominic: We came across messages of this agent, her boss, telling her to delete 360 or 380 different lines of evidence that were supposed to go to us. So we caught them hiding evidence, destroying evidence. We also caught them. There was another message saying, take my name off the CHS documents. So now they’re altering evidence…

…We actually came across the message that said, we want you to destroy 300 and something lines of evidence. That was a message we read with our own eyes.


Dominic: And then we read another message that said, take my name off the CHS reports. So they’re altering evidence. They’re not supposed to do that either. And then there was another message that said, this is probably the one everyone knows about where the agent said, “We’ve intercepted some of Zach Rehl’s calls between his attorney, Mosley. It looks like he wants to go to trial.  Tell Luke and Jason, not to freak out yet.” So basically Luke and Jason, Luke was the old lead prosecutor who was on the case, who abruptly quit. And from what we’re hearing, he quit because he realized that some of these cases are just absolute bullshit.  They shouldn’t be going to trial. So he recused himself.

On the credibility of the corrupt FBI:

Dominic: I don’t know what point we’re going to get to where the FBI just has zero credibility left. And we caught them spying on Trump’s campaign. We caught them interfering with the election. Now they’re actually intercepting our privileged communication calls and getting ahead of our strategies and trying to benefit themselves that way. I mean, they already got a judge on the side. They already got a biased jury. They’re doing this too. They’re doing everything they can to secure a conviction because they know they didn’t have no case.

On who started the violence on January 6:

Dominic: I’ll be the first to say, yeah, people did some things that they probably shouldn’t have that day. But it was an emotional day. Tensions were high. There was a lot of rhetoric going around, stolen election and this and that. Whatever you believe, people had a right to be there and voice their opinion. But what didn’t need to happen and what I have seen over and over again in my own eyes was the police instigating a fight that day.

What made the fight actually break out between them all? And they were trying to hide this on every video I’ve seen. But I finally caught a clip of it somewhere in one of the videos. They actually, when everyone was just standing there protesting that this old man was standing there talking to it looked like some of the brass from the Capitol Police. And this one officer comes over and shoves him down a flight of stairs and that’s what set the crowd off. Yeah. I actually found that video.

Here is the full interview from this morning.

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