LGBT “Culture War” Town Hall Hosted By #WalkAway Campaign Returns to NYC Pride Weekend To “Fight AGAINST Radical LGBTQIA+ Movement”

by | Jun 24, 2023

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#WalkAway Campaign returns to NYC Saturday, June 24th, for Pride Weekend to host the LGBT Culture War Town Hall, which includes a panel discussion with Q&A from the audience.

Conservative activist Brandon Straka has assembled a panel of LGBT culture commentators who have walked away from the political left, the extremist LGBTQIA+ movement, and their relentless assault on American culture.

The Town Hall is designed to give a voice to those in the LGBT community who: “have had enough of the radical LGBTQIA2+ agenda of targeting and sexualizing children” and “using LGBT people to force an extremist ideology on America’s youth.”

The Event Page states:

We want a community that values every LGBT person’s right to think for themselves…without fear of being ostracized by the “party of tolerance.”

We are tired of being pawns for the fake news media to control with hate crime hoaxes and lies about our lives and our rights being in constant danger from one political party.

The greatest danger to the LGBT Community are the constant lies, manipulations, exploitations, and fear mongering created by powerful forces WITHIN our community and the media.

We’re going to change all that.

This marks #WalkAway’s 4th Town Hall event in NYC, following its first LGBT Town Hall, Black Americans Town Hall, and Hispanic Americans Town Hall in 2019 before Covid shutdowns.


#WalkAway LGBT Culture War Town Hall, NYC
Saturday, June 24th


Brandon Straka, #WalkAway Campaign Founder

Mike Harlow, Writer and Commentator

Marcus Dibs, YouTuber

Melissa Vitelli, TikTok Influencer

Rachel Magay, Political Activist



Metropolitan Republican Club
122 E 83rd St New York, NY 10028 NY 10028
Doors Open at 3:00 p.m-Event begins at 3:30 p.m. sharp

“I am available for interview about this groundbreaking event, and encourage media to attend and cover our Town Hall.”
– Brandon Straka


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