Joe Biden Admits Joe Biden Might Die Soon? | ON WATCH w/ Drew Hernandez

by | Sep 21, 2023

Reports suggest White House aids are concerned Joe Biden is openly worried about dying before his crackhead son Hunter Biden’s cases resolve.

How could the so called President even consider running in 2024 if he sees death around the corner?

What’s left of Joe Biden also made a special guest appearance in New York for a bilateral meeting with far-left President Lula da Silva of Brazil and he was once again defeated by the notorious teleprompter and his ear piece, an absolute disaster.

The strategic collapse of the Southern Border is now hitting home as murderous illegals are now murdering Americans on American soil, but we all know America last not only means the death of the American economy, but the death of Americans. We did it Joe!

Even though Joe Biden is an obvious shell of a man, the Biden regime has announced the “American Climate Corps,” a climate change death cult army of over 20k plus. What could go wrong?

Watch Drew break down and share all of these latest Biden regime stories!


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Drew Hernandez

Drew Hernandez

Host, Investigative Reporter, Commentator. Drew Hernandez is known for his extensive and viral undercover work exposing Antifa and Black Lives Matter violent riots in 2020 that reached multiple countries worldwide and his worldwide news story covering the Kenosha Riot. He is known world wide for testifying in the 2021 trial of Kyle Rittenhouse that many argue, played a major role in vindicating Kyle Rittenhouse. He has made multiple appearances on Tucker Carlson Tonight, TIMCAST IRL w/ Joe Rogan, INFOWARS, and MORE. Drew’s work has been viewed 10’s of millions of times on Twitter and across all social media platforms. He hosts multiple shows as well.

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