IT WAS NOT JUST GBI STRATEGIES! Multiple MI Clerks Reported Receiving Late Voter Registrations – Include Photos from MI SOS Jocelyn Benson’s Office Marked “PPE” – Delivered Only ONE Day Before Election – What’s Going On?

by | Sep 7, 2023

Last week, we reported about a whistleblower who shared a Facebook page Michigan clerks used to discuss issues they faced related to elections. The conversations we found between city and county clerks and, in at least one case, a top election official working for MI SOS Jocelyn Benson appear to be very telling of how Michigan’s dishonest Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson really runs her elections.

On August 1, 2020, only three days before the August 4 Primary Election in Michigan, a Michigan city clerk asked fellow clerks if they were also getting “last minute voter registrations from SOS Jocelyn Benson’s Bureau of Elections.

“Anyone else getting emails of last-minute voter registrations from the Bureau of Election? I have to wonder what’s going on, I received one today, and the only information on the voter registration was an address…nothing else, no date, no name, no signature, absolutely nothing but an address. What did they expect me to do with it, and why bother sending it?”

“We got 34 of them at 10 pm on Friday. Most dated back to mid-June and early July.”

“Yet we, as clerks, are expected to respond to requests within 24 hours of receiving them. smh”

“Me too! Four of them dated back in early July – so we have deadlines, but the Secretary of State doesn’t??”

One clerk responded, “Yep, dating back until 6/18 last one was sent at 1:12 am!

Since the clerk had a time stamp on when she received the voter registrations, it’s likely she received them by email from the SOS’s Dept. of Elections.

Another clerk revealed that she just got a “Federal Post Card Application dated and postmarked June 30″sent to her county. Keep in mind, these registrations were for the election taking place the NEXT day, yet the registrations were postmarked June 30th. What was the reason for dumping all of these registrations on city clerks on the day before the election?

“Same here – got 4 via email” said another clerk.

Ann Meisch, the Muskegon City Clerk who reported the thousands of absentee voter registrations less than one month before the general election, shared an image of the 185 voter registrations she received from SOS Benson’s elections office:

“Today I was hopeful that the rest of our PPE supplies had finally arrived for tomorrow. Instead we received 185 voter registration applications – many dates in June! They were in several envelopes labeled masks but when opened, they are registrations. I don’t know if I’m just numb, in shock, or just getting use to the new way Elections are now handled? The day before the Election!” Clerk Meisch wrote

And the hits against the Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson just kept coming…

“I received 4 emails from the Bureau (of Elections) late last night and each one had one registration attached. They were dated early July,” the clerk wrote, while others simply wrote, “same” and “me too” related to comments made about having last-minute dumps of voter registrations from Jocelyn Benson’s Bureau of Elections.

Another clerk claimed she “received 4 emails from the Bureau and each one had one registration attached. They were dated in early July.”

“Yes. About a dozen today?????” another clerk wrote.

And yet another clerk writes, “Received 15 today, but could not register several of them and there was no contact information on the form.” A clerk responds, “SMH” (shaking my head).

It should be noted: From the Michigan Secretary of State website:

Within 14 days of an election, and on Election Day, voters may only register by visiting their local clerk’s office to register in person with proof of residency documentation.

It is obvious that this did not pass protocol.

Another frustrated city clerk shared a photo of a box of voter registration forms from the SOS office on the day before the election. A clerk commented on the same post and said that the same thing happened to her, adding that some of the registrations sent to her on August 3, 2020, were from JUNE! Another clerk on the thread claims SOS Benson’s office has “done a terrible job” and “certainly makes the clerk’s job a lot more difficult!”

“Sorry, but the State of Michigan has done a terrible job and certainly making the clerk’s job much more difficult!”

“Same here. I don’t understand why they were holding on to them so long. Some of mine were from June?! Nice present the day before the election.”

With the primary election behind them, the MI clerks were faced with more questions about peculiar registrations they received at their offices.

On September 24, 2020, a Michigan city clerk shared a story on the same Facebook page of a voter who brought a new registration application into her office that was “sent to them by the SOS.” The clerk states that she “can’t add him to the system because the registration form doesn’t include his DOB (Date of Birth). The clerk asks the other clerks if they have any “suggestions on how to handle it?”

“Had a voter bring in the new registration form sent to them by the SOS. We can’t add him to the system, because it doesn’t have his DOB…..suggestions on how to handle it?”

The clerk’s post included a photo of the voter registration form.

A MI city clerk, whose name has also been redacted, responded to her post by referring to SOS Benson as the “Secretary of Silliness,” saying, “it wasn’t supposed to go to us.”

The clerk appears to suggest the MI SOS Jocelyn Benson’s office would make the necessary changes to the application instead of requiring the alleged applicant to make the corrections to the application that would make it valid.

“Forward to them, and they will handle it. Wink wink,” she wrote. She then claims she “sent the one we got redacted to our state rep,” telling the other clerks to “Contact me, and I’ll send you the reply we got.”

The clerk’s state representative is Rep. Ann Bollin (R), who was also the Chair of the MI House Election Integrity Committee at the time.

We’re unsure about the action her state rep took, but we will follow up with Rep. Ann Bollin on this story.

Lori Bourbonais, director of the Michigan Bureau of Elections, who was (and may still be) a member of the MI Clerk’s Facebook page, commented on the post above, where the clerks were expressing their frustration (and it appears their distrust) with the sloppy way SOS Benson is handling elections after receiving a voter registration from her election office with no date of birth.

Here the response by Lori Bourbonais to the post above:

These forms are designed to be returned to and processed by the State of Michigan.

If you receive this form in person, you would want that person to complete the standard voter registration form. That would guarantee you would have all the information you would need to process the application. If you receive the form by mail or if form is brought in by someone else and you can’t get all the information you need, you can scan and forward the form to Shelly Belton at [email protected]. These forms are a part of the ERIC program (a third-party voter registration organization that has been dropped by several states that had hired them to manage their voter rolls)

The clerk told Ms. Bourbonais, director of Jocelyn Benson’s election administration division whose name we couldn’t locate on the MI SOS website, that it “would’ve been nice if we knew that…instead of looking like fools when someone shows up and flings it across the counter at us.” Another clerk added, “I totally agree! We are not given any advance warning or updates!”

On May 8, during a House Appropriations Committee meeting, Rep. Ann Bollin called on the Democrat-led House to pass critical common sense election integrity amendments to Proposal 2, the most radical vote-cheating amendment to ever pass without any approval by lawmakers.

Among the other amendments turned down by Democrats was a requirement to provide a report containing the number of election-related complaints received by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office and the number of substantiated complaints the AG addresses.

“Reports of potential election intimidation and election interference must be taken seriously and investigated,” Bollin said. “We have a responsibility to protect our local clerks and election workers.”

Another rejected amendment would have provided information about how many voters register in a new community within 60 days of an election, and change their registration to another location within the 60 days following an election.

“If voters are jumping from one jurisdiction to another to try to swing votes in certain elections, we need to be aware of it,” Bollin said.

Other rejected amendments would have required the Secretary of State’s Office to issue a report on the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), its requirements, and the actions the state must take to maintain its membership, and required the Secretary of State to explore options outside of ERIC that would allow the state to maintain an accurate Qualified Voter File.

On Monday, the AP published an article titled:

Trump’s false claims about his 2020 election loss aren’t going anywhere. If anything, they’re growing louder.

The mainstream media, like AG Nessel and SOS Benson, have hidden the bombshell investigation into a statewide fraudulent voter registration operation the Gateway Pundit exposed last month. If they were serious journalists, they wouldn’t be so surprised that Americans are refusing to give up

Nine days after the 2020 election, the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued a statement saying, “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history.” The statement was co-written by the groups representing the top elections officials in every state.

Less than three weeks later, then-Attorney General William Barr declared that a Justice Department investigation had not uncovered evidence of the widespread voter fraud that Trump had claimed was at the center of a massive conspiracy to steal the election. Barr, who had directed U.S. attorneys and FBI agents across the country to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities, said, “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

Can someone explain how the former AG Bill Barr could say there was no evidence of “widespread voter fraud” when he must have known about the statewide voter registration voter fraud investigation that was taking place across the state of Michigan?

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