Flight Attendant Alaina Trocano Describes the Horrible Abuse She Endured After Jan. 6 and Her Ongoing Lawsuit Against an Unhinged Coworker and American Airlines (VIDEO)

by | Sep 18, 2023

J6 attendee and flight attendant Alaina Trocano , TGP’s Jim Hoft and her attorney Paul Davis

On January 6th, 2021, Alaina Trocano joined hundreds of thousands of peaceful Americans to hear President Donald Trump in Washington, DC and exercise her First Amendment rights.

“When I saw that it was a protest and not a rally and I saw the protest permit I thought I would be protected by the first amendment,” Alaina shared.

“I thought the First Amendment was supposed to be without fear of retaliation.”

On January 7, Alaina made her way back to the airport to catch a flight home and shared a few clips of the day on social media. She shared a video being underneath the big flag during the speech, a video of everyone singing the national anthem then a video back at her hotel room letting people know she was okay.

Although she did not step inside the Capital that day, Alaina was attacked by fellow flight attendants on social media in what would become a multi-year ordeal that ultimately led to a lawsuit against one of the alleged cyber bullies and ring-leaders of the abuse she faced, as well as against American Airlines.

On Saturday The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft spoke with Alaina Trocano and her attorney Paul Davis, who also was at the January 6 protests, was attacked by police without warning, and was fired by his firm the next day.

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Alaina told us about January 6 and the horrendous abuse she has endured by unhinged coworkers after she attended the Trump rally but never entered the US Capitol and did not partake in any violence that day – like hundreds of thousands of other Trump supporters.

Alaina Trocano: I decided to go to DC. I’m scared of crowds. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I kind of wanted to face my fears and go anyways, and I wanted to hear what the President had to say. And I was questioning a very questionable election, which our Constitution permits, and what took my concerns to the People’s House, which our Constitution permits as well. And before the end of the day, I was deemed a domestic terrorist. They reported me to my airline in the afternoon. Was I reported for offensive social media? No. Hateful behavior? No. I was reported on a domestic terrorist in the subject line that afternoon.

There was quite a few people that I think came together, and the next day, there was an online petition to get me fired and prosecuted because I was a domestic threat.

Paul Davis, Alaina’s attorney was also at the Jan. 6 protests and then fired the next day!

Paul Davis: My story is pretty similar, actually. I went to DC on December 12th for the Stop the Steal rally on that day and just had the time of my life. I met so many amazing, just God-fearing patriots. It was just such an encouraging time to be with like minded people. And so I was really going to January 6, kind of expecting more of the same and just wanted to hear the speeches and connect with other people and just show our leaders that our elected officials that we’re not okay with just moving on from a very questionable, as Elena put it, election. And I wanted to see it investigated. I wanted to see the senators and congressmen put on the objections, put on the evidence. And that’s what I was there for, to support know, after the speeches. Like you, Jim, I was really cold. Being from Texas, I was not prepared for how cold it was. And so I’m pretty sure the temperature, I feel like it dropped like ten degrees while I was out there listening to Trump.

Paul Davis was attacked that day without warning.

Paul Davis: I just walked up until I really saw just the line of Capitol police that were decked out in riot gear and I just stood there in front of them and just stood there protesting with my voice and just chanting with the crowd, USA! and ‘stop the steal’ and things like that. And just for doing that, just for exercising my First Amendment right to protest. All of a sudden all these flashbang grenades and gas grenades started blowing up around me and I never imagined myself being tear gassed in my entire life. And I can assure you it was a very unpleasant experience. I couldn’t breathe that I was crying and so I ran out of the gas and then as soon as it cleared, I just was so shocked by getting tear gassed just for standing there protesting because nobody around me was being violent.

So I took out my phone and I made a video just, you know, this is like we’re all here protesting this and trying to hold our elected officials accountable, something to that effect. And then when I got back to my hotel, I got a text from a friend that was a screenshot of this tweet from this journalist, so-called journalist, Roger Sollenberger from Salon.com. And he was basically accusing me of being an insurrectionist. He had a tweet that said, this is Paul Davis, he’s a lawyer, he’s in house counsel at Goosehead Insurance. And today he stormed the Capitol to stage a coup against the government and documented on Instagram and tagged my employer, and that Tweet got 3 million views. And I was fired the next morning.

This is another story of police abuse we have heard several times at The Gateway Pundit.

Jim Hoft: I hear the same story from everyone, Paul and Elena, and that is that they didn’t hear any warnings that they were going know, start firing these gas canisters on people. They didn’t hear any warnings about the rubber bullets coming down on them. It just started happening. And I’m not a lawyer, but that certainly sounds that that would be some sort of illegal for the cops to do that.

Alaina spoke more on the horrific abuse that came after Jan. 6 from her coworkers.

Alaina Trocano: I was an inactive flight attendant at the time. The next day, on January 7, I was trying to get to the airport, and I got a message from a flight attendant that I didn’t know. She just found out a way to get a hold of me, and she said, let me know when you’re through security. They’re after you again. They’re trying to get you on the no fly list, but you can’t leave the city. Then security went fine. And that was the first time in the airport where I heard the words domestic terrorist by biden, and I didn’t understand. I was like, what happened? And by the time I made it home, I got notification that in a large flight attendant group of about 12,000, so it’s not very private. They were like, Alaina Trocano, is this you? And that thread got 500 comments within an hour, calling me every name under the sun, and it included an online petition to get me fired and prosecuted, calling me a domestic threat. That online petition got almost 1500 signatures, and I had to report it to my company because I knew it was the flight attendants.

Her coworkers turned her in to the FBI for attending a protest.

Alaina Trocano: And then on February 2, the FBI knocked on my door. They were very professional and courteous, especially compared to a lot of other stories that I’ve heard. They said, you’re not in trouble. And they confirmed that I was there using my first amendment rights. And they also said that while the tip was anonymous, it was made by a group of flight attendants.

Alaina suffered PTSD from the constant abuse from her coworkers. In 2022 she found Paul Davis to represent her.

Since then Paul Davis has noticed the lack of legal professionals willing to help the J6 defendants. So he is starting a platform to help teach Americans to be their own lawyer.

Paul Davis: One problem is people don’t have money to fight these companies. The other problem is there’s not enough conservative attorneys to go around. I mean, every conservative attorney I speak to, we are all just, like, insanely busy trying to put out a million fires all the time. So I’m actually trying to put out some materials to teach people how to be their own lawyer. I think that’s what we might have to go to, because people can’t afford it, and there’s not enough lawyers to go around. So we’re actually about to launch a platform on that.

Alaina ended by telling us how her faith has helped her through this horrible time.

Alaina Trocano: I think standing up for myself was really good for my mentality, because I’m also not only fighting for rights, but fighting for my identity and I know I’m not the only one that was out there that day. As you said, there was probably a million people out there and I know I’m not even the only employee for my airline that was mistreated. So everybody’s got a voice and you just got to use it and keep fighting for yourself and I don’t know, have faith. I’m running on faith. This is the first time I’ve ever been in anything like this, so I’m running on faith.

Paul then added this.

Paul Davis: This was devastating to me. I lost my entire career that I’d worked for. I couldn’t get another job in the legal industry. I ended up starting my own law firm and that was really God’s guidance. I had nothing left. Jim, my fiance, walked out on me over this. Tons of my friends abandoned me. Our whole kind of friend group fell apart. My church, turns out, was actually pretty woke and I didn’t get any support there. I had to sell my home. I mean, it was like the book of Job. It was like everything in my life just was burned down to the ground and it was really just God, and that conviction in my heart, just saying, like, you got to get up, you got to move forward, Start your own law firm and start fighting back. And I followed that and this is so crazy to me because this is how I know that God was in on this. When I heard that still small voice. I needed to stand up and move forward and fight back.

This was a wonderful interview. Please listen to the entire clip.

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