EXCLUSIVE: “Screw You Guys” – Kari Lake Discusses Her New Book, SLAMS Maricopa County Swamp Officials Who Cheated Arizonans (VIDEO)

by | Jun 30, 2023

Kari Lake spoke to the Gateway Pundit on Thursday about her new book, Unafraid, and shared her thoughts on the corrupt Maricopa County officials who stole her election for governor.

Last night, President Trump and Lake spoke at her book signing event at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Kari Lake’s new book and its contents. This is a must-read memoir of the stolen election in Maricopa County. Order today here!

Kari Lake’s First Book “Unafraid: Just Getting Started” is a MUST-READ Memoir of Stolen Elections and Draining the Uniparty Swamp in Arizona – PRE-ORDER TODAY

Lake is still fighting her lawsuit against the stolen election and recently filed a Notice of Appeal after Judge Peter Thompson dismissed the case. Thompson was given evidence that hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballot signatures were “verified” by Maricopa County in less than three seconds each.

Lake’s attorneys are still fighting a separate lawsuit for ballot affidavit images, which are public records and were not made available at the last trial. A Judge earlier this week denied the County’s Motion to Dismiss, indicating that the lawsuit may go to trial. Maricopa County refuses to be transparent with the election that they claim was “run extremely well.”

This is not to mention what happened on Election Day when 60% of voting machines failed to read ballots, targeting Kari Lake voters and forcing them to stand in the heat for hours and hours just to vote. Kari told us, “I want that woman who was eight and a half months pregnant, who wrote me and said, ‘I’ve voted every election since I turned 18. I was waiting for two hours. I just couldn’t wait any longer, and for the first time in my life, I didn’t vote, and I so wanted to cast a vote for you.’” What these people did to the voters in Maricopa County was sick and “absolutely unAmerican,” said Kari.

And now, they blame the voters and pretend to be victims. As The Gateway Pundit reported, Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates ran to the media, claiming he has PTSD. Gates said he has “become very sad” and is “crying” over alleged harassment and Republican officials “question[ing] my integrity.” Even worse, he compared himself to American armed forces veterans fighting for freedom across the world.

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Lake in New Jersey yesterday about her new book, her lawsuit against the stolen election, and a new defamation lawsuit against her by a leftwing nonprofit group representing Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer.

Watch below:

Conradson: Coming from the standpoint of a political outsider, you really took on the McCain swamp, the political establishment in Arizona in this book. You called out the McCain establishment for what they are, you called him the media, darling. We have some Republicans just like John McCain, one of them claims he’s a war hero in the fight for democracy, Bill Gates; he has PTSD now. Same with Stephen Richer, he’s loved by the leftist media. Are these two guys as dangerous as John McCain?

Lake: I don’t know how they look themselves in the mirror. And to blame any of the problems on the people who are upset that our elections are run like a banana republic, and to say, woe is me? Start running our elections with integrity. Start running our elections with transparency. If people don’t like you, and this is my message to the people running our elections, that’s your fault, because you are running terrible elections. You are trampling on the sacred vote of the citizens of Arizona. And the citizens are standing up and saying, how dare you? And they’re now going oh, you can’t criticize me. You know what we have our freedom of speech. Our first amendment may be just barely alive, but I’m going to use it until my last dying breath, and I’m going to point out the corruption in Arizona, in Maricopa County in our elections, and they can sue me all they want, but I’m not backing down. What they did on Election Day is unforgivable. And if their friends don’t like them anymore, then their friends are probably pretty damn smart. It’s unforgivable, what they did to the voters on election day when they rolled out machines that don’t work, when they printed the wrong image on the ballot, when a quarter of a million ballots were spit out and rejected on election day, and they have the nerve to call that a hiccup. How dare they? I hope they are laying awake at night. I hope that heart beats a little extra hard. Because what they did is absolutely unAmerican. It’s unforgivable. And I will never stop talking about what they did. And they can take that to the bank. I’m never gonna stop talking about what they did until we get reform in our elections because I want every vote to count. I even want Stephen Richer’s vote to count. I even want Bill Gates’ vote to count, but damn it, I want my vote to count as well. And I want all those people who stood in line for four and five and six hours to count. I want that woman who was eight and a half months pregnant, who wrote me and said, “I’ve voted every election since I turned 18. I was waiting for two hours. I just couldn’t wait any longer, and for the first time in my life, I didn’t vote, and I so wanted to cast a vote for you.” Frankly, Stephen and Bill, I’d like her vote to count. And I’d like the other woman who said she’s been voting since 1981 and never missed an election, but because of the shenanigans on Election Day, was unable to vote; I’d like her vote to count as well. So screw you guys. Screw you guys.

Conradson: Screw them. They stole this election, they botched it unbelievably, beyond belief. Let’s talk more about your lawsuit. I saw recently your attorneys appear to be winning the fight to examine mail-in ballots from the 2022 election, the signatures on these mail-in ballots. But the thing is Maricopa County is fighting every step of the way. What are they hiding? You know they claim this election was so clean their mail-in ballot system is so fair, why do they refuse to be transparent?

Lake: When something’s run well, you lay it out and say, “look, it was run perfectly.” You don’t fight you don’t make us sue to get the evidence that we need, that we actually own. We the People of Maricopa County and of Arizona paid for our elections, we pay for their salaries, we put it all out, we pay for it, and now we have to pay for them to fight us as we say we want transparency, show us what happened here. And we’re paying for all of those attorneys. It’s despicable what’s happening, and if they think we’re going to stop talking about it, they’re wrong. They’re absolutely wrong. And we’re going to keep fighting and you know, we’re actually appealing our original case, we’ve sent a notice for appeal. We’re waiting for a date. We don’t know when that’s going to come, and I’ll be honest, Jordan, I don’t know what the courts are going to do. I wish I had a crystal ball and I could say we’re going to win this is what’s going to happen. I know precedent shows that and I think it was 1916, I might be a little bit off on the date, a fraudulent Governor ended up in the governor’s office, and after a year of legal wranglings and battle, that fraud was pulled out, and the duly elected governor was put in. I’m gonna do everything I can. I don’t know the outcome. I know God is with us because I know he helped and had a hand in creating this country. And I know that when our founding fathers broke us free from the entanglement and the control of the original globalist, King George, they wanted us to choose our elected representatives. They must be rolling over in their graves at what’s happening right now. And I’m going to keep fighting.

Conradson: Their refusal to be transparent goes back to 2020. This leftist group that is infamous for trying to get the DOJ to shut down the Arizona audit is now representing Stephen Richer in a defamation case against you. What are your thoughts on this latest lawfare tactic from these leftist goons?

Lake: We’ve come to expect it. I would talk to President Trump about it, and we roll our eyes over it. It’s like okay, you’re actually trying to stop us from using our freedom of speech, political speech, which is protected speech to point out what’s wrong in our elections to get them reformed so that we can all have faith in them again, because the majority of people don’t have faith in the election. I think Stephen Richer forgot that 80% of Republicans don’t have faith. I think he still considers himself a Republican, although I consider him a swamp creature, a real dirty, slimy swamp creature. But Republicans have no faith, 61% of Independents have no faith, they said there’s fraud in our election, and even 30% of Democrats believe there’s fraud in our election. And we need to fix this problem. And so you know, I can’t get into his mind, nor do I want to, but we’re going to continue to fight this, and we’re going to see what we can do to turn things around, and we’re going to move our case forward. I am undeterred. I am actually more ready to fight this now than I ever have because we have one year and four months to turn it around what they did in 2020 was inexcusable. Maricopa County played a role in that, and because of these people who corrupted our elections, and then those who say, don’t ask questions about it, don’t talk about it, I blame them for the open border. I blame them for the deaths along the border. I blame them for the increase in crime. I blame them for the inflation that is stealing money from our paychecks. Every American is taking a pay cut due to that inflation. I blame them for the interest rates that make it harder for someone to buy a home, buy a first home. I blame them for the outrageous pullout of Afghanistan that left 13 of our amazing, most heroic men and women dead. I blame them for the war that is starting in Ukraine. I blame them for the world teetering on destruction. Anybody who doesn’t want fair elections, who doesn’t want us to speak about our elections, who is okay with these rotten corrupt elections, they’re just as culpable as the Biden Crime Family that’s sitting in the White House and sold out to the CCP.

Conradson: I blame the fake news media who is running a disinformation campaign against the American people.

Lake: Let me say one more thing about the fake news media for anybody out there who doesn’t like President Trump. Before he ran everyone loved him, he was universally loved. Oprah loved him. You’re right, Oprah loved him. He was loved in politics. He was loved in the sports world, in Hollywood. He was loved by everyone. And then when they realize oh my gosh, we have somebody who’s a populist who people love who actually isn’t in this to be a politician, he’s in it because he loves the country. They said we’ve got to turn on him because he’s going to show how corrupt the system is that all those people have been involved in, and the swamp uniparty, Democrats and Republicans alike. They colluded with the fake news media, and they’re really just partners to start an eight-year campaign of defaming, defiling, frankly, slandering President Trump because they realized they had to stop that man, and if you do not like President Trump, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you have been a victim of this defamation, I don’t even know the word for it, campaign of fake news to bring down the one man who’s actually here to try to help. He’s here to help our country and save our country. It’s been a brainwashing campaign on a mass scale to brainwash Americans. I know him he’s become a friend. He’s an incredible man. Melania, his beautiful wife, is amazing. His family is incredible. They love this country so much, they’re willing to sacrifice everything to save it. And those who don’t like him, have been victims of the media and the swamp in a massive brainwashing campaign against Trump. But he’s gonna be victorious I believe, and we’re going to turn things around.

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Jordan Conradson

Jordan Conradson

Jordan Conradson is TGP’s Arizona correspondent. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in the State’s elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in the Arizona has led to the resignation of one Maricopa County official and being banned from the Maricopa County press room. TGP later gained access for Conradson after suing Maricopa County, the fourth largest county in America.

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