EXCLUSIVE: Ashli Babbitt’s Mother Speaks to The Gateway Pundit About $30 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Federal Government and “Sloppy Cop” Michael Byrd on 3rd Anniversary of Jan 6, 2021 (VIDEO)

by | Jan 7, 2024

Central Detention Facility in Washington, DC

Micki Whitthoeft, the mother of January 6 police-murder victim and four-time Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, commented last night on her daughter’s murder and the historic lawsuit to hold Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd accountable.

Whithoeff spoke to The Gateway Pundit last night on the third anniversary of January 6, 2021, during her and other patriots’ nightly prayer vigil in honor of January 6 victims, who died, are rotting in prison, or currently fighting bogus charges.

Witthoeft and fellow patriots gather nearly every night outside of the DC Gulag to pray for justice for the January 6 hostages held by our government without due process and speak to January 6 Defendants who call in from prison.

Prior to last night’s prayer vigil, advocates for the January 6 prisoners, braving cold weather and rain, gathered for a rally and march in protest of political persecution outside of the Department of Justice Building and the FBI Headquarters. Watch footage from the rally here and here.

You can watch live streams of the January 6 prayer vigil every night via 1791 Storm Trooper on YouTube. Watch footage of prayers and phone calls to January 6 hostages from the third-anniversary prayer vigil here.

During the prayer vigil, this reporter observed at least 14 police vehicles, including vans, lining the street and surveilling the peaceful citizens as they practiced their First Amendment right to pray on the sidewalk. Although she said “it’s a little excessive,” Whitthoeft told The Gateway Pundit that police are there every night to ensure safety and sometimes keep the peace when counterprotesters show, and she is thankful for the respect they’ve been given.

What a use of police resources in the high-crime DC area:

Whitthoeft spoke to us about the momentum of the January 6 cause and the shooting death of her daughter, which is now the subject of a massive and historic wrongful death and negligence lawsuit against the United States.

The Gateway Pundit reported Friday, one day before the third anniversary of January 6, that Judicial Watch filed the $30 million wrongful death suit against the federal government for the Capitol Police shooting of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit.

The lawsuit extensively details the history of incompetence and multiple revocations of firearm privileges for previous dangerous incidents involving Officer Michael Byrd, the Capitol Police officer who murdered Babbitt in cold blood.

This includes a failure “to meet or complete semiannual firearms qualification requirements,” leaving a “loaded Glock 22 – the same firearm he used to shoot and kill Ashli Babbitt – in a bathroom in the Capitol Visitor Center,” and a shooting into a moving vehicle, stolen by teenagers, where the off-duty cop reportedly struck homes nearby with his bullets.

“Lt. Byrd had a reputation among peers for not being a good shot,” the lawsuit alleges.

$30 Million Wrongful Death Suit Over Jan. 6 Protester Ashli Babbitt’s Death Details Shooter Lt. Michael Byrd’s Extensive History of and Incompetence and Misuse Involving Firearms

“Lt. Byrd later confessed that he shot Ashli before seeing her hands or assessing her intentions or even identifying her as female. Ashli was unarmed. Her hands were up in the air, empty, and in plain view of Lt. Byrd and other officers in the lobby,” the filing also states.

Previously, Judicial Watch received a memo on the January 6 shooting “recommending ‘that the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia decline for criminal prosecution the fatal shooting of Ashli McEntee [Babbitt],’ also noting that the shooter, U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd, ‘did not create a police report or documents’ related to the shooting of Babbitt,’” the watchdog reported. Micki Whitthoeft commented in our exclusive interview on the lack of oversight within the Capitol Police Department and their tendency to “choose not to” report incidents.

“It’s like asking the dog who got in the trash. He’s always gonna say the cat did it.” Whitthoeft further told us of an incident in the Canon Congressional Office Building, where she had to wake up the sleeping officer so that she and others could enter through the metal detectors and TSA-style bag check.

These are the people who were given the responsibility to keep elected Representatives and Americans in DC safe?

Instead of accountability for the dirty cop, Michael Byrd, the Biden Regime and the US Air Force reportedly spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to house Byrd in a “distinguished visitor suite” from July 8, 2021, through January 28, 2022, after he murdered Ashli Babbitt in cold blood, Judicial Watch also discovered. Byrd was later promoted to Captain in the Capitol Police Department.

Whitthoeft shared her thoughts on the lawsuit to hold the corrupt Capitol Police and Officer Byrd accountable with The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson.

Watch below:

WHITTHOEFT: There’s a prisoner on the phone behind me. We are outside the DC jail, where we’ve held a vigil for over 500 nights. And today, on the third anniversary of January 6, there were vigils all over this country: Oregon, California, two in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio. And I know I left somebody out. But today’s a proud day to be an American. You know, Ashli was, like you said, a four-time Air Force veteran who served this country, was in dangerous situations, and then she came home, and she was murdered by a bad cop, a sloppy cop, who should not have been there that day. When people ask American citizens what they were doing there that day, and they had no right to be there, I would say the American citizen that had no right to be there that day was Michael Byrd. He definitely should not have been on the Capitol police force. He’s a sloppy cop. He should have been fired for excessive use of force and for leaving his weapon in a public restroom. And that should have resulted in him being fired and not promoted.

CONRADSON: I agree with that. A sloppy cop, that’s a great way to put it. Can you comment on this lawsuit by Judicial Watch on behalf of Ashley Babbit’s husband and her estate to hold this sloppy cop accountable and finally get some justice for Ashley Babbitt and other J6ers?

WHITTHOEFT: Well, I’m proud to have Judicial Watch behind us. You know, I think a full investigation needs to be launched into the murder of Ashley Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland and the death of Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips. So, I think that Judicial Watch has taken a huge step forward for the American people, for my daughter, and for my family, and I’m proud to have them fighting for us and for her because she deserves it.

CONRADSON: I see there’s what, six to 10 cops out here, sitting in their cars watching you guys. Do you know what they’re doing? Are they here to keep you guys safe or here to make sure that you don’t step out of line?

WHITTHOEFT: Well, to hear them tell it, they’re here to keep us safe, and for the most part, the police are respectful to us. And they know that we don’t want to cause problems; we’re here to come and do the vigil and sing the national anthem, then we clean up our mess, and we go home. 500 days, we’ve not been any trouble—over 500 days—we’ve not been any trouble for the police. The only trouble is when we have counter-protesters out here, and then sometimes it gets a little dicey. But you know, there is a large police presence here. Sometimes I think it’s a little excessive. But you know, they’re here for our safety.

CONRADSON: I want to go back to this sloppy cop. You know, he didn’t even take the time to look at Ashley, identify her as a woman, he didn’t even take the time to realize that she wasn’t a threat. In addition to that, he’s got a history of past abuses with a firearm. You know, what do you think of people like this on the Capitol police force? And what do you think of the federal government’s decision to not only not prosecute him, but to put them up in a presidential suite for months and promote him?

WHITTHOEFT: It’s nauseating; it really does make me sick to my stomach that that’s what’s going on right now. But you know, I think American people need to realize that the Capitol Police operate differently than any other police force in this country. You know, I feel like I’m still respectful of the police and appreciate their service to this country. But I think the Capitol Police overstep their bounds. They’re poorly trained, they are, like I said, they don’t have to answer to an external review at all. It’s strictly within within their department. So, if they don’t choose to tell you anything’s gone wrong, they don’t have to, and they always choose not to. It’s like asking the dog who got in the trash. He’s always gonna say the cat did it. But nobody ever asks them anything. They take their orders and their power from Congress. And we’ve actually gone into the Canon building one day and had to wake one of them up sleeping against the wall so we could go through a metal detector. So, like I said, I think that they’re ill-trained, and I think that they should not be able to operate with impunity.

CONRADSON: Tell us how we support you and other J6 families and other J6 prisoners who are behind bars.

WHITTHOEFT: Well, you can go to 4ashli.com, and there are lots of links. But if I had to pick one, I would say Patriot Mail Project because they have a list of all the Jan. 6ers, and there are different ways to help them. You can donate to their commissary, to their Give Send Go funds, write them a letter, and support their families. And I would say that there are links on 4ashli.com to the Patriot Mail Project and many, many other informative websites. You can also follow along our vigil every night and sing national anthem with the men who sing it every night at nine o’clock. We’ve been here to do it over 500 nights, and we appreciate American citizens joining in and singing along.

CONRADSON: I want to remind our viewers that it is 30 or 40 degrees right now. It’s been pouring rain all day, you guys were out there all day long protesting the federal government, rallying outside of the DOJ office. I just want to make sure that everybody knows that.

WHITTHOEFT: Thank you. We walked to the capitol and put flowers all around the Capitol, too. And it was a respectful group of people. We had very little clashes with anybody. The police did a good job of keeping us separated from our counter-protesters. But thank you for pointing that out. It is very cold out here. It’s a very special day, and it’s my honor and privilege to stand here with such amazing patriots and support my daughter, who I believe is here with me as well.

Visit 4ashli.com and Patriot Mail Project’s website to help January 6 patriots and their families with donations and find other ways to support them. You can also help at AmericanGulag.org!

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Jordan Conradson

Jordan Conradson

Jordan Conradson is TGP’s Arizona correspondent. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in the State’s elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in the Arizona has led to the resignation of one Maricopa County official and being banned from the Maricopa County press room. TGP later gained access for Conradson after suing Maricopa County, the fourth largest county in America.

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