Biden’s Dept. of Prisons Are Breaking All Rules and Precedent to Place J6 Prisoners in with the Violent Prisoners – J6 Prisoner and Model John Strand Tells His Story (VIDEO)

by | Jul 24, 2023

Model John Strand on January 6, 2021 outside the US Capitol. John walked inside the US Capitol and was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

On January 6, 2021, John Strand was working security for Dr. Simone Gold who was invited to speak at events on January 5th and 6th at the US Capitol.

Dr. Gold was an invited guest speaker (along with Representatives Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene) on the east side of the Capitol that day.  The speeches were cancelled without notice. There was no stage set up.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of Trump supporters who planned to attend the different speeches outside the US Capitol were then seen wandering around looking for the protest stage.

Dr. Simone and John Strand were later both charged with misdemeanors.  The Biden DOJ later added the unique §1512c2 charge to hundreds of peaceful protesters.  This law had never been used in this way and had with it a 20-year felony “obstruction”.

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Dr. Simone Gold told The Gateway Pundit, “We were both offered a single misdemeanor trespass plea, I took it but John refused based upon the fact it was not true.

If you want to see the “crime” the attached video compilation (from dozens of cctv videos) is 14 minutes and shows the entire time John Strand was in the Capitol.

Everyone can see that at all times John is acting exactly as a security detail would act. The Judge publicly acknowledged there was no violence, no weapons, no damage. The Judge admitted from the bench that he is giving a harsh sentence to John because John speaks to the media.  Outrageous.

Now the Department of Prisons has violated its own protocols in order to enable maximum pain on January 6 political prisoners.

John absolutely belongs in a “minimum security camp” based on all the BOP rules.

The BOP has a straight-forward scoring system, their range is -3 to 45. John’s score is -1. Likely the lowest score of anyone in the BOP system.

Dr. Simone Gold suspects the existence of an internal BOP memo outlining a facility-placement policy for January 6 defendants that diverges from the BOP norm. This or interference in standard BOP policy by the DOJ or Judiciary. This would be a fruitful area of investigation either via FOIA or congressional inquiry.

Also of note: The Judge and I dated when we were classmates at Stanford Law School and you can ask John about that as well. I have given a sworn declaration about that.

This past weekend The Gateway Pundit spoke with John Strand. John is scheduled to turn himself into authorities this week.

John Strand is an innocent man.

This is the definition of government abuse.

John has been assigned to FCI Miami which is a “low-security prison” and the scoring is black/white and comes from demonstrable facts in John’s case inputted into the BOP template. The highest score is 45, the lowest score is -3. John’s score is -1.

Judges grants voluntary surrender -3
Severity of offense: 0 (range 0-7)
Criminal history 0
History of violence 0
History of escape attempts 0
Type of detainer 0
Age age 36-54 2
Education ≥ high school 0
Drug abuse 0

BOP Scoring System to determine prison classification. BOP.Gov
Chapter 4 page 5-16

The Security Designation Data section (Items 1 to 18) of the Inmate Load and Security Designation form (BP-337) records sentencing, programming recommendations, and background information from the Judgment, the Statement of Reasons (SOR),and the PSR. This information is used to determine the inmate’s security level.
[Total Range of Scoring is -3 to 45 and John’s score is -1]

5. Permit to Voluntary surrender: -3
6. Long sentence can overrule lower assessment. John has 27.2 months remaining.
>120 months: must go to low or higher and >240 months: must go medium or higher
7. Severity of current offense 0
8. Criminal history 0
9. Documented history of violent: 0
10. History of escape attempts 0
11. Existing detainer 0
12. Age (range 36-54) 2
13. Education 0
14. Drug 0

The lawless Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons are sending non-violent January 6 political protesters to facilities with violent prisoners.
This is wrong. This is wicked.
This must stop.

***You can help John Strand here.***

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